Monday, July 27, 2009

Adventurous Monday

Now I've seen everything!

Tam has created little meandering paths that take you on little stops throughout her garden. I love the bright orange flowers on this vine.

Here's another spot if you like basking in the sun. I was in the shade in the patio area when I got this shot. There are patches of Alyssum popping out between pavers on the ground.

If you touch the center on this flower your finger will go right through it cause it's a hole! I suppose there's lots of nectar stored in there for the birds and bees.

Isn't she cute? She's just as nice as can be too. Tam did washes of paint on all visible walls facing her yard - concrete ground included! The Lavender she's surrounded by has the best scent. So calming.

What an inviting bench. Tam has many plants in pots scattered throughout her yard. Notice the "Mother-in-law Tongues" in the background. She did give their proper name but I don't remember it. My tongue, btw, does not resemble this and I'm sure my daughter-in-law can vouch for that. LOL!!

Will you look at this cactus tangle! It's a wonderful mix and I'm sorry I didn't capture the whole thing. Look at the size of that trunk!

When I saw this door my jaw dropped. I love the color. Here it appears a turquoise color but in person it's more like a pthalo green. This is Rocco's front door btw and I hear that the inside is very artsy. That may be a future field trip and Tam will undoubtedly be our tour guide. LOL!

I got together with a friend to discuss a future art project we're collaborating on. We spent time pouring over details and brainstorming while having lunch outdoors. The weather was beautiful, the food was great and we have a plan which I'll share at a later time.

Did I mention we ran into a strange sign on the way to the diner? Just when you think you've seen it all. Unbelievable. Earthquake Zone, maybe. Tsunami Zone? Are you serious!!


soulbrush said...

she certainly is surrounded by beauty and has made it her own, what a lovely atmosphere. hope you are having a fun time girl. xxxx

BellaKarma said...

We have signs all over the place informing us of which route to take to out-drive a tsunami! What is even freakier: our beach installed tsunami sirens. I wasn't home when they tested 'em, so I have no idea how they sound. Guess I'm screwed.

...and I LOVE the blue door! =)

Bea said...

OOOOooowhat a cool garden spot. LOVE THAT DOOR! How neat to have painted the wall, very cool. And, no I have never seen a sign like that. lololol Scary :)Bea

~jolene said...

We have tsunami signs all over our 'hood :)
Great post!!

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, yes, Tam is surrounded by lush natural beauty.
BellaKarma, I'd love to see those whacky signs!
Bea, I love that door too!
Mija, I heard you have some of those signs! Post em, girl!!!

BT said...

What a peaceful cool garden that is. Who is Tam?? Have I missed something?? lol. What a crazy sign that is. Madness. Oh that door, love love it.