Saturday, August 25, 2012

Journal Journey

I'm about to reveal a secret.
I haven't journaled in close to a year.  Once upon a time I was very good about sitting down anywhere just to jot down my adventures, cut and paste a few words and paint pages in vibrant colors.  Take the journal below for example.  I took it everywhere.  I painted several pages at a time.  The main color washes I used on these pages were done in hues of yellow/orange because it was a very, very hot summer.  And I have the words to prove it.  I used to collect words to use in my journals.  I still have envelopes full of them.  What happened to me?     
I seem to be drawn to smaller scales of art these days, including a 20 lb cutie-patooie.    

 When I'm ready to get back to recording my daily thoughts, I'll know.    
In the meantime I have some interesting reads from past journals and maybe they'll inspire me enough to splash some paint, use those eclectic phrases or words I've been saving and do some writing of my latest jaunts.  Lord knows I have a few journals just waiting to be used.  Yes, a few.    

Did you ever get in a journal rut and how did you get out?

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soulbrush said...

Oh she is such a honey that Penny love- she enjoys the water too. I have been in all sorts of ruts in my life- both emotionally and otherwise- you have to just stay where you are and wait it out as it will pass. BTW I didn't mean to be so 'forward' about my painting in my e