Monday, August 20, 2012

33 Years and Counting...

It IS possible to stay married to the same person for 33 years!  

We met in the summer of 1972 and we've been together ever since.  We survived a brief separation due to Uncle Sam but through letters (remember those)  we stayed in contact.  Fortunately Jimmy was able to find a base close enough so that he could visit on weekends.  When he was finally free of his duty and settled into civilian life, we decided it was time to tie the knot.  I know this man really loves me cause if it was up to him, we would have made a quick trip to Las Vegas instead of having the garden wedding I wanted.  I compromised by keeping it small.  We've done a lot of that throughout the years.  Compromise.  I think that's one of the key elements to our survival in the unpredictable world of marriage. And lots of laughter.  If you can both laugh at each other without taking it personal, you've got a chance of making it last.  I've probably shared our story before.  Thanks for reading it again. 
I had so much fun this past weekend at Stampin' From the Heart with a group of dedicated woman who painted, stamped and glued the day away!  They are my kind of people!!  The subject of Josephine Baker came up and I mentioned that I have used her beautiful face to model some of the outfits I've created for my art dolls.  Just thought I'd let you take a peak at them.
Hoping you have a wonderful Monday.  I'm off to Olvera Street in Downtown Los Angeles.  I love the smell, feel and food they serve over there!  A great place to spend an afternoon with my better half.  


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Anniversary. How wonderful 33 years together. Enjoy your evening together. You deserve a big celebration.

soulbrush said...

Happy Anni to you lovebirds. We met in 1972 too, and have been married since 1975, so that's um...37 I guess. Ha ha. He is my best friend now too.