Wednesday, September 5, 2012

June, July, August, September?!

In June, Frida and I picnicked together.

In July there were fireworks!

August brought heat-breaking temps.

And now you say it's September?!

Wha' happan?  Age, that's what happened.  Summer lasted a lot longer when I was a kid.  Oh well, I already know from past years that this year will zoom by so fast that before I know it, it'll be June all over again.  YAY!!!


soulbrush said...

Is that where you work at school? what a great Library- and I totally agree, the Summer has just fled by. Have you sent my envies yet? I am so worried you still have my old address...eeeek. Let me know.

Jolene said...

The library looks fantastico Mija!
Amazing what a lot of hard work by only TWO people can do! ;-)