Saturday, September 15, 2012

O.N.E. Really?

Has it really been a year?

A beautiful dessert table created by Penny's mommy and Grandma Carmen.  Grandma Carmen made all the sweets including the birthday cake!

Penny has to have inherited the crafty gene.  There's too much creativity in this family.  Look at the cute bag my niece made to hold her gift.  

It was a beautiful day.

In Los Angeles no party is complete without a pinata.

 I think you've probably guessed by now that this was a lady bug theme.  I don't know how my DIL found all the lady bug accessories but she pulled it off and it was a big hit with everyone from this little one year old to the 83 year old couple (my parents)!  
Thank you Penny for coming into our lives.  I always heard that being a grandparent is different.  People should have been telling me it's AWESOME being a grandparent cause that's what it's like being your grandma.  AWESOME.

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soulbrush said...

OH WOW happy happy boifday dearest Penny darling. She is soooo cute, I could just eat her up and I bet you are the best grandma ever! Kisses from Grandie Joss. xxxxxxxxxxxx