Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Art-i-tude

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween. Ghouls, skeletons, bats and animated toys have been on display for a couple weeks now but something was missing. A. Something witchy and B. Cash! When the cash flow is low, go to the scraps. I went straight to my yarn and fiber stash when I decided to decorate the bare dress form I picked up a couple years ago. The skirt was attached by tucking strands of yarn under a rubberband at the waist. Black tulle was wrapped around the bodice and held in place with orange and black lace I found in my fiber drawer. Oh, and there's the pom-pom belt. Wasn't I lucky it was in orange?! A witchy dress was born in less than an hour and I didn't have to look for loose change in between the sofa cushions! Isn't it "boo-ti-ful?" I can't help myself. It's the Halloween spirit!


~jolene said...

The dress form is just SOCOOL!
And so is the tag book next to it!
Loving your blog...rock on Mija!

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks, Jolene! I'm really happy with the way this dress turned out. About that tag book, I'm having a contest very soon and the prize will be this very same tag book in a kit! Stay tune for more on the contest.