Monday, August 22, 2011


Imagine is the theme over at Every Inchie Monday.  Can you IMAGINE watching the news and not hearing about a war, hate crime or other acts of violence?  

Can you IMAGINE living in a world where everyone is equal and treated with mutual respect?

Can you IMAGINE loving the same person for 32 years?  

Imagining how life could be, should be and is were the the ideas behind my IMAGINE inchies.  And yes, we've been married 32 years and he has a '63 bug!  And no, that's not us in the VW window.  Remember when couples used to sit real close together while driving around town?  That was before mandatory seat belt regulations for you youngsters who are scratching your heads.  And yes we wore our seat belts.  LOL!  
Try to live in peace, treat those around you with mutual respect, and don't be intimidated by love.  Now go make some art!


Joanne Huffman said...

Love your "imagine" imaginings.

Kris said...

LOVE it! Peace and joy to you :)

Trillian said...

three inchies. I love them all. Nice to read your story behind them.

Lynn said...

Tiny and cute. So well done!!!!