Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day one of the "Stamp, Paper, Stuff" backyard sale took off with flying colors!  It was a day filled with friends, both old and new.
Jessica and camera shy friend "E" stopped by to check out our bargains.  Decisions, decisions!  So many stamps to choose from!

Charmaine (left), Ellie (right) and I all took a moment to enjoy each other's company and the beautiful sunshine that finally crept out.  

It's always good to catch up with friends to discuss the latest artventures we're into or to just be among each other's company.  Christina made Ellie and I delicious turkey sandwiches and potato salad.  "THANK YOU CHRISTINA!"  I was ready for a siesta afterwards but I had to stay awake to greet the constant flow of visitors we had at our sales.  

I think it's safe to say that there were good deals found by each person who dropped in on us.  Don't Joyce and Laverne look satisfied?  It was so good to see them both. 

And just as Ellie and I thought it was time to start putting our "merchandise" away for the day, Rosemary dropped in and surprised us!  But it was a good kind of surprise cause we don't see her often.  It's always great to hear what type of art she's dabbling in.  She's a big fan of Teesha Moore and was sharing her last Teesha encounter with us and more!

And then I was visited by a very dear friend of mine from elementary school.  I was actually her monitor when she was in the 2nd grade.  She was a sweet little girl who grew up to be a gracious woman.  "Thanks for dropping in Rachel!"  She's just started beading and she stocked up on a few bags of beads for an upcoming project.
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to support our Stamps, Paper, and Stuff backyard sale.  It was great to see you all and I think that Ellie would agree with me that the thought of your friendship means more to us than the sales.
For any of you that couldn't make it out today, "DAY TWO" begins at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow and will continue till 3:00 P.M.  Come join us if you can, we'd love to see you!
For those of you who enjoy eclectic jewelry,  my blogger buddy Sherry Goodloe will be having a class next Saturday.  Go to to see what she'll be teaching and to see what you can be making!  Very cool!


Lynn said...

I hope you sold lots...agree the good friend visits is the best!

soulbrush said...

I wish I wish I wish I were in your yard with you right now! boohoo, I bet I would buy it all, how lucky these peeps are- and so nice to see you my friend.