Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scattered Artventures

It's been one of those weeks.  I didn't even have time to participate in my inchie project.  I've been busy packing and unpacking boxes of books, transforming a library into a book store (thank God it's small!) and ringing up the sales.  Yes people, the book fair is back and before you can finish asking, "how-much-is-this?" it'll all be over.  That's the number one question these days, btw.
My artventures have been scattered.  Over the course of my current whirl-wind of a world, I've managed to make one journal entry.....
......I took a walk in my bare garden only to be surprised by a blooming purple iris!  What a treat!  A family friend who has long passed on brought me a bag full of iris bulbs from his mother's garden several years ago.  We're talking 20 something years ago!  They came from a hot and somewhat dry environment and I wasn't sure just how well they'd do in our mild climate.  They loved it.  Over the years some have petered out and gone to bulb heaven but the few that remain never fail to amuse me.

.......and although I am so behind on getting samples for a future Make-It-Take-It done,  the idea is there.  The colors are, well, there.  And I did try to get something going but, well, for now they're making a colorful little corner.  LOL!  At least I can laugh about it.  So you know what I'll be doing this weekend!
Make it a great day and make some kind of art.  Even if it's scattered.  


marianne said...

You are always so busy!
Love that iris!!!!!
Nothing grows or blooms here . It is freezing. Wrong climate.

Lovely journal entry you made

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful tribute page to Lisa

Lynn said...

Busy lady, glad the iris' are blooming for you, beautiful as is all your art always!

Stampmaiden said...

Marianne, good to see you! The iris is very vibrant in person. Brrr....cold cold no good for me....
Thanks for the compliment on my journal entry about Lisa.
Lynn, hello! Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment. I can't wait for the other blooms to unfold.