Saturday, January 15, 2011


Thank God it's Saturday!   And what better way to start the day than with a taco and cup of coffee.  Seriously.  I'm that excited that it's Saturday!
It's been one of those weeks.  There was a box of dark chocolate truffles sitting on the kitchen counter waiting to make me deal with "stuff."  Know what?  It helped.  I swear, they made me feel like a baby being gently rocked by her momma.  No better feeling like that.  And I needed some serious rocking.     

It was great to be among friends at Stampin' From the Heart last night.  A very good crowd.  Lots of laughter, paint splats and birthday cake.  What more could I ask for?
Besides a taco and coffee that is.  !!  
Looking forward to an artful weekend.  I deserve one;  So do you.  Now, go make some art.

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