Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Artventure

Happy New Year!  One day down, 364 left.  But who's counting.  Not me.  I did, however, participate in a number postcard swap.  After much trial and error I finally settled on a design.  The number one had to be featured on this card.
The creative spirit hit me the other day.  Actually, an attempt to expedite samples for an upcoming Make-It-Take It prompted me to play around with colors for some wintry-inspired backgrounds.

I'm content with the outcome that my inner winter girl produced.  Now that the backgrounds are done, it's time to find stamps and images to compliment the colors.

The following letter was written by Dr. Carol Bliss, a spiritual guide.  Isn't it lovely that her name and profession go hand in hand?  
Enjoy and reflect.....

Dear Creative Spirit who Makes all Things New,

Thank you that we made it through to see a New Year
For there are many who did not.
Thank you for the miracle of life, this grand adventure, our beautiful blue planet
For we know there are new lives being born this very moment.
Thank you for a world of possibilities
For there is so much we have not yet done, imagined, experienced.
Thank you for the promise that each New Year brings
For the magnificent unknown that is yet to come.
Thank you for the love of friends who have laughed with us and shared our days
For those friends and people yet unknown who will come and make our lives richer.
Thank you for those who blessed our lives and returned to the Field of Love before us
For those who have taught us and for new teachers who will yet come.
Thank you for the priceless gifts of health, sight and wondrous bodies
For the breath of life and light-filled cells that are being made new in every second.
Thank you for the ability to reflect on our lives and to feel
For the power of emotions that heal our sorrows and lead us toward love.
Thank you for the animal spirits who share our lives
For they bring us great innocence, the consciousness of the present, and the power of play.
Thank you for all that lies before us
For the faces and voices we have yet to know.
Thank you for grand adventures and unexpected turns in this miraculous web of life.
Thank you for guiding and protecting us
For the beauty of our lives and our hearts.
Thank you for the love that we have given and will yet come to know.
As the veil of time opens again, we are given a fresh string of days
Let us release the disappointments and sorrows of our past as we begin again
Remembering the great promise,
"Behold I make all things new."

Dr. Carol Bliss

Hoping you're enjoying the first of the year and letting your creative soul out to play. 


~jolene said...

I love the line..
"Thank you for the love of friends who have laughed with us and shared our days."
That is certainly true for you and I!

Happy 2011 Mija...may it be filled with LOVE, PEACE & ART!

Stampmaiden said...

Yes it is Jolene! How quick time passes, huh? Make it a great 2011 and don't let work take over your world. It can make your life miserable in the long run.