Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday's Workshop

Color, color and more color! A requirement for taking one of my classes is that you do not FEAR color. No kidding, just look at all the vibrancy surrounding this little corner!

Judy came to class a newbie. She'd never stamped. Well, she's a changed woman with a new hobby! Stampmaiden has touched some one's life. LOL!!

Would you look at Laura and Gail's bright orange pages. These are not from the Frida mini journal where one would expect bright color to emerge from, but from the Asian Mini Journal!

This kind of artful chaos always brings a smile to my face. LOL! Blue is not the only color birds thrive in. In this little mini journal, they live very well among the vibrant shades of yellow, hot pink, and an orange-melon shade, just to name a few shades of color.

In the end they each walked away with a completed mini journal and a happy heart.

My main goal as a workshop instructor is that everyone leaves with a COMPLETED project and guess what? THEY DID! YAY! Well, one person, who shall remain anonymous, had to leave before the class ended but she did leave with completed pages that she later bound together. I found out cause I called her this morning - Hi Ellie!! So much for remaining anonymous. LOL!!!

It brings me much happiness to see everyone sitting down painting, sharing ideas, laughing, in a nutshell - having fun while making art. When I create a workshop I also want my friends to come away with ideas of their own and they did!!! At the end of the class, Jocelyn was walking around with an idea to create an Egyptian themed book for a friend using the techniques she learned in class. A newbie - Judy, was so happy that she had her own little book and will possibly be putting together something she can call her "own idea!" I know she can do it. Hey, anyone who is brave enough to sign up for a class and has never stamped before is A-OK in my book! This woman is climbing the ladder fast! LOL!!!

I left the shop not feeling tired but excited that everything went well and that everyone left with a smile on her face and with a little journal in her hand.


Bea said...

WOW I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see all those things spread out over the table and all those wonderful artists working on their projects. It looks like you all had so much fun. And, yes color just brightens up the day, doesn't it. :)Bea

BT said...

Well how wonderful. Lovely photos and everyone having such a brilliant time. Can I come please??? I want to make a mini journal. You are so clever and they are so lucky to have you as a tutor. Well done Linda. xxxx

Teri C said...

Oh wow, I want to come and play in all that color!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I love all the color spread out around the table! Great class you had Linda *smiles*

Stampmaiden said...

Bea, that's the best part of making art to me. All the colorful mess. This can only mean one thing - we're both visualists!
BT, I'd love for you to come, dear friend. You'd have a wonderfully colorful time. Promise!
Teri, you can bring your watercolors and I'll have my acrylics! What a lovely mix!
Sherry, one thing's for sure. We all love color around here. I cannot imagine a world in black and white. Thanks for visiting!

~jolene said...

I think you might need to start giving classes in the O.C.! ;-)
Love your post - makes me feel like I am THERE with ya!
No one knows COLOR like you Mija!

soulbrush said...

was just sitting here thinking about your w shop, and here it is...wowser! what a loada stuff on the table too, unimaginably lots! and a jocelyn there too..yay! spelt exactly like my name.i am so glad that all these lovely ladies came along, and left feeling so replete and so happy, well done and i wish i was there, really i do. xxxx

Stampmaiden said...

Jolene, I have to get reliable transportation before I even think of the letters O.C. LOL!!!
Joss, it was a splendid mess! You'd have had a ball in it! All went well and I'm so lucky to have such wonderful women sign up for my workshops.