Sunday, August 23, 2009

Colorful Funday

I love the way the pottery is displayed. This is where the woman of the house did her cooking on hot days. They called it the outdoor kitchen. I call it outdoor grilling on the patio. LOL!!

Old statues where sprinkled throughout the walls of the home. I loved the way this one shone against the white plastered walls.

This is the indoor kitchen where all cooking was done during cold weather. I'll never complain about my small kitchen again.

Amazing that right outside the Avila House are rows of vendors selling colorful souvenirs. I loved the vibrant shades on these guitars.

After all these years of visiting Olvera Street, I never noticed walking under grape vines. HELLO-O! There were little clusters of green grapes dangling. So cool! The buildings to the right were once occupied homes which are now shops.

Oh my, is that a baby doll's backside I see hanging near the upper right side of this photo? LOL!! Such a mish-mash of color.

More mish-mash and color. If you click on the pictures you can see all the extra stuff that vendors cram into their stalls. I think I see Tinker Bell sitting next to Super Mario Brother. LOL!!

Ahh. This was the main reason we drove out to Olvera Street. This is where the taquito was born and it's the only thing we eat when we visit. Definitely worth the drive, calories (what's that?) and wow, would you look at the color!

There is one place that I can always count on for a shot of color, fun, cultural interest and tasty treats. Best part, it's not too far from home and easy on the pocket book. And that place is Olvera Street smack in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. I love it's old charm, smell and vibe. Apparently other people feel the same way I do because the place was alive with visitors. AND it was a Thursday. Oh, and did I mention it was our wedding anniversary? It was. Yeah, 30 years. Where or where did the time go?


soulbrush said...

wow so mexican, so vibrant, would lurv to see los angeles one day (along with a whole lot of other places). happy happy anniversary -you are catching up to us- we are 34 now. should we trade ours in for two half their ages? eeeek what we do with them????

wordveri:comody (life is a comedy).

Bea said...

Well, way to go, you guys! Thirty years in this day and age is quite an achievement. Good thing you are best friends, right?
I love love love did I say LOVE all that color. It just makes me smile to see it. And, all the happy clay suns. And, yummmmmmmmmmm
not fair showing us such good food.
Now, I'm hungry again. :)Bea

La Poeta said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Long live the faithful.
I love the pics, I could be there all day! All those fat dolls, specially the sirena gordita. Love them.
I thought the tacos were born in Mexico, hermana, no in Olvera Street! Que pues?

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, I hope you do come to Los Angeles one day! And uh, NO trading for me! Thank you for the anniversary wishes too!
Bea, we are best friends. I hope you still aren't hungry. LOL!
Christina, I heard Olvera Street misses you and wants you back! LOL!! Well friend, from what I've read and heard the TAQUITO was born in Olvera Street. You're right about the Taco being from Mexico though. It's almost dinner time and now I'm craving Mexican food! I was planning on yesterday's left-overs of smothered pork chops and rice. Maybe if I throw in some beans....

BT said...

Oh this all looks edible, I'll come back later for a proper look. Just to say I have some new ATCs on my swap blog. You might like one in particular!

BT said...

What a wonderful post Linda. Those colours are just overwhelming. I would just love that place. I loved the fish hanging in the 'Tinkerbell' stall. Do pop over to my ATC blog as I have some new ones to swap. xxx I almost forgot, Happy 30th Anniversary. Well done, I think you both deserve a medal! The food looks gorgeous. Mmmmm.

Stampmaiden said...

BT, I know you'd love this place. There are containers of vibrant colored flowers spilling out all over the place.

La Poeta said...

Well, comadre, what they call taquitos in LA, we call flautas in Mexico, and I was eating them 60 years ago!!! Later I use to make them with carnitas inside, mmmm.
Now I want a dish just like that! Man!

~jolene said...

You know I want to be THERE! I haven't been to Olvera Street forever! Maybe I can hop a train- those freeways are not my friends :)
Your photos brought back SO many GOOD memories for me of me and my parents being there!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mija and Jimbo!!!!!

Stampmaiden said...

Christina, you say Flauta, I say Taquito...LOL!! I'm an LA girl so I'm sticking with taquito. LOL!! Either way, they both are just as delish. I want some now. MAN!
Jolene, the train station is right across the street from Olvera Street. When Jimmy and I were eating we could see it from the window! Let's plan it!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

WOW, 30 years of marriage. Congratulations. You deserve a lovely colorful day out and about. I love those guitars.

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, when I saw those guitars hanging I KNEW I had to take a picture of them. They'd make a great group arrangement across a huge blank wall.