Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fiberlicious Artventures!

I finally completed a sample of my bird themed Mini Tag Journal. This is before I could decide which fibers worked with the pages. At this point I only had one set hanging at the sides. By the end of my decision making that too had changed.

I pulled out balls and yards of fiber that I thought would work. Some made it while others didn't - this time!


Here's one more look at the Mini Journals that we'll be putting together in Sunday's workshop. Three themes to choose from: Birds, Frida, or Asian. Cost of worshop is $35.

Why I waited a few days before a workshop to create a sample I'll never figure out. But this I know for sure - I have enough fiber to fulfill my daily requirement for years to come! I can't help myself when it comes to balls of yarn that have things clinging to them. I spent my entire childhood, teen years and young adult life to just a few years ago with my neck up in plain and simple skeins of yarn thank-you-very-much. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just find it more interesting to see and touch bits of blobs, threads, fabric shreds, fuzz, etc, clinging to a strand of yarn. Don't get me started on ribbon. Not the kind my mother would tie onto my ponytail to hide the hideous rubber band that held my ponytail in place. Back then we used "RUBBER bands" not scruchies. And these thick things could make you tear up when it came time to give that ponytail the final tug to make it stand up properly. Where was I? Oh yes, ribbons. I make it a point to check out the ribbon aisle because you just never know when a project will require a length or two. Always best to be prepared is my motto when it comes to deciding whether to purchase an art item and YES, FIBERS - fancy yarn and ribbons, are considered art supplies in my world. So I became a very happy camper when it was time to choose decorative strands to hang from the holes of my mini tag journal samples that I'll be having a workshop for this coming Sunday. It was like taking a trip to the yarn store or ribbon aisle as I held the pages of my tag book against one fiber after another deciding which colors worked best together. In the end there stood an assembled mini journal bursting with fibers. And it was good.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and would like to join me on Sunday for a relaxing day of painting, stamping, gluing and oohing over fibers, give Stampin' From the Heart a call to hold your spot at (310) 391-0466. I have three themes to choose from - Frida Kahlo, Asian Beauty, and Birds. You should bring a bone folder, scissors for trimming, an awl, a glue stick and a black ink pad such as Memories, if you'd like to stamp quotes. Let the shop know which theme you'd prefer so that I can bring your kit ready for you to play with. Oh yes, and a snack for energy. I'll bring the rest (fibers included!).


soulbrush said...

okay, i'll sign up for the frida workshop, will be there early to sit and have a natter first, specially about those 'rubber bands' we used to have in our hair long ago...ouch!(i can dream can't I?) you done good here love! enjoy.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

OH WHINE, wish I could be there. I love the look of the mini journals. Such detail. When I go into a store that has these beautiful ribbons, fabrics etc I usually come out with some of them. Just can't resist.

Bea said...

OOOOOHHHHHHH I WISH I WISH I COULD COME AND PLAY WITH YOU! sigh.....I'll be there in spirit. Some time in October I'm going to go to a convention thingie with John to San Francisco. That's about as close as I will get and no car. :(
I love love love love did I say LOVE fiber. So how to you store yours so it's easy to find and use? :)Bea

~jolene said...

Your workshop is going to be OVER THE TOP COOL! I LOVE all of them, who could decide??!!
Your blog posts never fail to amaze and inspire!!!

BT said...

Ha ha, we all want to come, don't we? I love fiber and ribbons and knotty bobbly wool and and.... we're just as bad. I use them in my raggy bags too. xxxx

studio lolo said...

of course I'd sign up fr the Frida one ;)

Hey, I just got your wonderful card in the mail with the newly embellished version of the Liverpool Legends! That was so sweet of you Linda. I have cards that I've hung onto for years too. Now you've taught me to pass them on!

I'll be posting your thoughtful gift on Thankful Thursday ;)

Bless you!