Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sky Watch Saturday

When you look outside the window this is what we see. What an eerie contrast - smoke against a beautiful blue sky.

Stand of the roof and the smoke clouds grow.

We're in a drought and we've been experiencing triple digit temperatures over the past three days. The air's been polluted with smoke and the stench of fire hits us when we step outside. A far cry from my blog pal BT where her corner of the world is lush, green and constantly blooming. I love to go to visit her beautiful garden and surroundings.
A few of my blogland friends heard about the current California fires and wondered about my safety. I'm safe from the danger but if you were to look outside our window you'd panic and start gathering the important stuff. The burning area is about 23 miles north from us but it appears as if it's right down the street.
And how are your skies looking today?


Teri C said...

Oh my, that is way too close. It looks so ominous off in the distance.

I think we should both go visit Gina, we had grey skies all day and dam cold it is too, just barely 60. I'm adding an extra quilt tonight.

Stampmaiden said...

Teri, when I wrote down the approximate miles, it hit me that it does seem close!
Barely under 60 sounds good after dealing with today's heat. But I'm most likely to change my tune when colder days start to arrive. I'll be hoping for warm/hot weather. LOL!!

soulbrush said...

that sky has such clarity, keep safe, too close for would only love visiting gina for a short while, trust me it is maainly cold and grey grey grey where we live...

Bea said...

I'm still concerned about you, the children at the school, the people, their homes, oh my, everything. FIRE IS VERY SCARY.
Smoke is very deadly. Oh my, oh my
And, the heat. YOU STAY SAFE YOU HEAR. Or I will...........I will..........hmmmmm still working on that threat. :)Bea

Sherry Goodloe said...

I didn't realize you were that close Linda! :( Keep the doors and windows closed. The ash can be a huge mess - yuk.

I'm staying inside today. Just went out on my patio to get some more of my coffee-stained laces, and darn it, another hot day!

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, Bea and Sherry, the burning area is traveling from dry hills and towards the foothills where there are mandatory evacuations but that would be quite a distance away. This fire would have to run across several small cities of homes and businesses before getting anywhere near me and that will not happen. At least my gut tells me it won't. We're staying indoors to avoid breathing the invisible ash that will settle deep in our lungs. Thanks so much for your concern.

BT said...

Linda, it's all on the news tonight and I thought of you. I do hope you continue to be safe. I hear it's going to cool down there soon, so that will help abate the fires.