Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something new

As I passed through the garden I had to stop and smell the geraniums! I love the vibrant magenta of this ivy geranium simply named "Linda." It keeps coming back year after year and this is the first bloom of the season. Actually, it blooms off and on throughout the year but this is the first flower of "spring" which makes it special.

This is the title page of my journal. When you think about it, journals don't really have a title page do they? But this one is special because it's "fake" as in a not-for-real journal and it's for that reason that I had to give it a title. Click on it to see what it says. This is a clue as to what's inside the daily pages.

Roz from rozwoundup suggested a thin journal because it's only going to hold a month's worth of writings, sketches, etc. All my journals are fat and so I had to work fast to put a thin one together. I had an empty box from taco shells and chose it for the covers. I exposed the words "mission" because I look at this journey as that - a mission. I think it worked out nicely and the book easily lays flat to write in and for scanning. I'll share some of those pages soon.


Bea said...

I love it when somebody find a new use for stuff that's on it's way to the garbage can. lol Great use of the box for your cover.
So, you're the owner of THE SHOP?
Is a business plan required? lol
I'll be watching to see what goes in the journal during this month.

La Poeta said...

Daily Notes from The Shop!!!
I like it!
Chica, tu tienes mil veces mas imaginacion que yo. I want to see every page.