Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Artventurous Happenings

I'm on a mission and it's called "International Fake Journal Month." Yes, there really is such a thing and it began April 1st, no kidding. It's all about taking on a new persona or being the same only in an alternate universe. Those are Roz's words and you can read more on it at . Just scroll down until you find the post about the fake journal project. She has another blog specifically for this but I can't remember it but she'll have the link for it.

This is one of the collagey tags we'll be making this Friday night at the Make-it-Take-it. It's all about the acrylic painted backgrounds, collaged stamping and the embellished art girl.

I've been working on some ATCs and they're ready to be sent out. Can you tell I've been having fun? Why is it that putting art supplies back where they belong is not as much fun as when you bring them out?

Here's another collaged tag sample. I love the way those giant tags give you lots of room to play on.

Here's the other side of my "Fake Journal." I've actually written on two pages. I'm a little behind on my entries but I'll try to catch up soon. Did I tell you I'm a "shop owner" with NO budget? Feels great not to have to worry about money.

When it rains it pours which is what happened recently. I haven't been online because I didn't have a computer to get online with. It crashed last week. At first it was difficult. How odd it felt to not sit in that familiar chair and click the "ON" button. As the days went by the guilt started to set in on not keeping my blog current. And then there was the Make-it-Take-it that's coming this Friday. How could I get a visual up on time for that?! Well, I found that there are actually ways to keep occupied while not consumed by a monitor and keyboard. It's called art.


Sherry Goodloe said...

LOVE those tags you made! and the atc's . . . nice, very nice :)

La Poeta said...

Linda, I am glad you are back.
I am ready to see some entries in your Fake Journal.

Ms. Lahtidah said...

Ooooh! I love the colors in your tag for the make and take!

Bea said...

I'm glad you are doing art but I'm also glad you are back on line. You were missed! :)Bea

BT said...

Oh those ATCs look tantalisingly lovely!! Can you believe Jim has taken yours to town twice and not posted them. It's tomorrow now. I hope. If he forgets again I expect he'll hide them!!

Love your collaged tags. You are a very talented lady. Have you seen the ATC from Helen? It's on my blog and it's lovely jubbly.

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks Sherry, it's amazing what will come out of the mind when you have some "free time!"
Christina, I will do a little show and tell soon. I get the feeling you're a bit curious about my "shop." If only....
Lahtidah, love your name btw, if you're in the neighborhood stop on by for the MITI! Would love to see you there - you too Sherry!
Bea, it feels good to be back online. My mind was bursting at the seams while I was "off" thinking of all the things I could be posting. Looking forward to posting once again!
BT, I had lots of fun working on the ATCs. I kept thinking that each one would be the last but the ideas just kept growing and growing and growing....well, you'll see!

BT said...

Oh, oh, oh, those are MY ATCs and I love them to pieces. Linda, they are simply adorable, you have worked so hard.