Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Artventures

I couldn't sit long enough to write in my journal this weekend. Too hot. Like upper 90's to 100 degrees hot. It's purely visual. On this page I was reflecting on my time in the garden. The colors represent the heat and how I managed to pull it off. This background is a spin-off from a similar one I used in a recent Make-It-Take-It workshop. A few participants asked me if I'd consider teaching a class on using these painted backgrounds for their journals. I typically use this technique on large tags but I'm trying them out in my journal to get a feel and so far so good.

This page is my "wonder" page. As in "I wonder when....I wonder why...." etc. Click on the stamped image to see the "wonder woman" a little closer. I did a lot of thinking while I was working in the yard and it helped me to deal with my recent struggle. Fortunately, my struggle is nothing that a trip to the gardening center can't handle! LOL! This is another background that was recently taught in a workshop. It's interesting to use this technique on a larger format rather than on a tag. I can get used to this.

I would have to choose the hottest weekend of the year to do some gardening. Any other weekend I would have gladly declined to work in the yard amending soil, planting new flowers and dividing overgrown lilies. But I was bit by the garden bug and there was nothing I could do about it. My lower buttocks (is there really such a thing or is it just me? LOL!) and upper back thighs are beginning to feel a little better. I managed to bend over an inch more today. And when I went outside to check out the new plantings, they were still standing up straight and not droopy! Mission accomplished.

My current journal spread was kept to a bare minimum. Just art, not words. The heat kept me from sitting in one spot to write or search for words. Did I mention it was 98 yesterday and hit 100 today in Los Angeles? Anyway, the art I created was based on the last two days of being out in the garden. It actually became my escape from the realities of stubborn aging parents. I love them both and only want what's best for them and sometimes they don't get it. I suppose I can thank them that I went a little overboard with my debit card in Home Depot's gardening center this past weekend and for forcing me to get out in the yard and get dirty! So, THANKS MOM! LOL!


Bea said...

LOL well, it's snowing here while I'm reading about your 98-100 degree temperatures. lol
hmm, parents......yep, been through that struggle.
I've got my Mom in a place that she likes and it's safe for her. I don't have to worry about her now. Change is hard the older you get. Good luck. So, when do we see some more pictures of all the garden work? So far I'm still cleaning out mine from last year's debris. :)Bea

BT said...

How horribly hot, I would hate that. I don't do hot anymore, although I used to love it and sunbathed far too much of my life away.

I'm so glad you managed some gardening time. We must see photos. Oh and the art is wonderful. I wish I could come to your workshop!

~jolene said...

I am the self proclaimed biggest fan of your art Mija!
Can't wait to find my art groove always INSPIRE me!!!
Love you sistaw!

Stampmaiden said...

Bea, a week has passed and my bod feels much better. LOL!
BT, if I had a lear jet, you'd be on it headed out to my neck of the woods. We'd have so much fun. And, because it would be a private jet, you could bring your gardening tools and a cat or two if you wanted. LOL!
Jolene, I was just thinking of you and I got your comment. Hope you're OK. Will write you later.