Monday, April 27, 2009

ATC Artventures

While I was pouring through my ATC album I noticed several of my own cards which were never swapped out. I either made too many (mysterious man in nest), forgot to attend an ATC meeting and got stuck with several (pumpkin dressed for Halloween), made some with a group (the chess pieces, lady playing cards, floral dimensional types) or just had one left over from trades. If you'd like to trade any of the above with me, drop me a line. Unfortunately, I have to keep my Vintage (V is for Vintage - alphabet ATC collection) which I cannot part with but I wanted to share it with you on my blog. Same goes for the one with people pointing up to the Virgin Mary - part of another collection.

I'll wait a week to hear from anyone who wants to swap 3 for 3 or less. Click on the picture to get a better look. Drop me a line. Let me know. Let's talk. I'm listening. LOL!


BT said...

Oh, me me me!!! lOL, come on, you knew I'd want some!! Love them. Eeerm, now, I'd like King Bird, the lady with her back to us with corner clock from the first set and....that cute little bird with the walking stick please. They're all lovely though!!

Stampmaiden said...

Hello BT! OK, The King Bird, Lady Play-a (woman playing cards) and Party Chick (little yellow bird with the stick)! As you can see, I love naming my cards! Looking forward to trading with you again!

soulbrush said...

oh yes please, i have just come over from bt's blog and want to swap...yahooooo. and i lurv your blog, am adding you to my list of favourites....please look at my atc's (go back a few entries to see some ) and let me know if they are good enough to swap....e mail: