Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Political Artventures

Late Night Artventures

I was watching a commercial promoting a movie about America last night.  I loved the way the U.S. colors were splashed across the screen in no particular order.  I decided to make something similar in my journal and since election day was in the near future I chose to create a political statement.  
Today as I left work with sore feet and a tired body, going out to vote was not at the top of my list.  As I drove past the polling place I became very discouraged as I saw the line of people out on the sidewalk.  I drove around three times before I found a parking spot around the corner.  By the time I walked up to the building the line had moved inside.  I saw an elderly woman being helped to a seat because she was not in good health, I saw a young woman surrounded by 5 little girls waiting patiently in line and a very confused but ready to vote (probably for the first time) young adult.  Suddenly my feet didn't feel so sore anymore, my tiredness had lifted and it felt good to be there exercising my right to vote along with these very diverse and dedicated individuals.
So did you get out to make your vote count? 


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