Sunday, November 11, 2012

Autumnal Uncertainties and Delights

What to Do?

The noodles in my brain have been getting too much exercise lately.  On Halloween I was asked to THINK about something.  Thankfully I was given reasonable time to make a decision.  I thought having time on my side would make it easier for me to decide my answer but I was wrong.  Sleep has been restless and it seemed that each free moment was spent trying to figure things out.  Can I?  Will I?  Maybe?  No.  Well.  Hmmm.  And so it went on like that for nine days.  Having time to make a decision is not for me.  I mean, this is BIG.  For me anyway.  I figured that one way to help me distract from my answer was to do some art journaling.  It helped.  But I only kept journaling about IT.  To be continued....
Guess who went to her second rubber stamp convention?  YES and you should have seen her face when her eyes fell upon a vendor demonstrating a technique with glitter!  Right then and there it became clear to me.  This child will be a glitter princess!  There was so much for her to see.  There were no dull moments.  I mean, look at her!
She did her best to not miss a thing but given her age a nap took priority.  It's good to know I have a normal grandchild.  sigh.  
Those of you who read my blog will have to wait to learn what the heck I'm talking about up above in this post.  In the meantime I'll continue to post pages from my journal regarding this "mystery."  In due time I'll reveal the details.  My kids don't even know.  Are the noodles in your brain working overtime?  Hurts a little, huh?

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Mandel said...

Hi there,
I like your creations :) Art can be a great way to come up with a solution to problem. Hope you make the right decision :)

<3 Mandel