Monday, December 13, 2010

Recycling Artventures

I love it when I don't have yard duty.  It means I have  free recess and lunch periods without having to roam the school yard distressing the lives of the young and restless.  You know, the tweens/teens with raging hormones or out of control youngsters whose parents are in denial that something is horribly wrong with their child.  But enough of them and on to the subject of today's post.  
Recycling artventures.  Look at what I made today during my "free time."  It all came about when I decided to turn a used and full library borrower's card (yes we still use them!) into one inch squares.  I chose to use the dated section.  All those stamped dates look much cooler than penciled-in names.
I always keep an old catalog available for interesting images and words.  I like the simplicity of these inchies.  These are not part of the every inchie Monday project btw.  That starts in January and there's still time to sign-up.  Just click on the icon on my sidebar to get there.
See how boring these once looked?  Although they'd probably work great as is.      

OK, how many of you out there used to hear your mothers say "Don't play with your food?"  Well my mother never told us that cause we were starving by the time dinner finally rolled around.  BUT had my mother seen me doing what I did to the above inchie, she would have definitely told me not to play with my food.  See that crumbly background?  Now look at the words.  HOT TOPIC.  If you saw chili flakes,  you are so right on!!!  I had a small packet of chili pepper flakes and I decided to sprinkle a hefty amount onto a heavily glued-up inchie.  A gentle pat insured that they'd stay put.  After a minute or two I found the perfect words.  Don't you think this would make a fun magnet?  
Have you ever played with your food and if so, what did you make?  


Anonymous said...

Girl, you have IMAGINATION.
Love the inchies.

Stampmaiden said...

Why thank you, Anon!