Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Oh how I love this Christmas wrap.  Yes, it's wrapping paper!  I found it years ago in a Los Angeles
supermarket called "Boys."  Boys isn't around anymore and sadly neither is this paper.   
Frosty would have definitely met an untimely death today as the temps reached 85 degrees in Los Angeles.  The seasons seem a little mixed up over here.  Look at my gum tree.  It looks like autumn.  Look at that sky.  It  looks like summer. 

But when the Christmas lights got plugged in this evening, you'd never know it felt like a hot summer day early on.
How I love Christmas.
Hey, did you notice the everyinchiemonday icon on my sidebar?  When I found out about this weekly challenge for the new year my heart began to smile and my inner artist shouted "JOIN! NOW!"  So I did.  And you can too!  It's gonna be so much fun and all you do is make one inchie and show it to the world each Monday.  There are words that describe the type of inchie you are to create for each week.  For instance, the first Monday will be "ecclectic." I have something in mind and it's definitely not tame.  Go to to join.  Come on, it'll be fun!
Before I forget, go to to get an eyeful of cool images to be used for ATCs or inchies.  You can add glitter, some kind of 3-D element, etc. to these ready-to-use images.  Lots of possibilities here.
As I sign off I have one question.  Where did the weekend go?  Off to choose tomorrow's work clothes.  YAY!!  One week left for winter break!!!!  WooHoo!     


BellaKarma said...

I can't believe it's 85 degrees. :(
If I wanted to have a summery Christmas, I'd spend it in Australia!
I hope I don't have to put the AC on when I do all my Xmas baking.

I love the photo of your tree, both of 'em. =)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am experiencing a deep freeze complete with sparkling snow and frigid temperatures. Your tree is lovely...I put up a very small tree on our dining room table for just the two of us. I love you Madonna papers...Marry Christmas! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Stampmaiden said...

Jill, the weather will become cooler as the week progresses. Enjoy your baking adventures!
Mary Helen, stay warm. Glittery snow sounds beautiful.

~jolene said...

Mija, thank you SO MUCH for posting the link to Marita's Etsy Shop. She is an amazing watercolor artist...a true sister/friend of mine who lives in the Netherlands!

Your tree looks beautiful!
I am so over this weather - really looking forward to the rain...soon it will actually feel like winter in SoCal!

As always your blog ROCKS!!!!!

Stampmaiden said...

Mija, I especially liked the angels from Marita's shop. And the tiny Christmas inchie images. Very cool!