Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Slumber Party Artventures

Today was supposed to be all about organizing this.  In fact, so was yesterday now that I think about it.
Somehow dusting, vacuuming, and sorting boxes just didn't appeal to me.  My biggest excuse for getting out of this was this big guy.
I salvaged "big guy" from an alley in my mom's neighborhood.  It's got good bones but a few of the drawers needed a bit of repair.  In stepped my personal handy man.  He's so good.  And cheap reasonable.  He doesn't charge me.  Sorry.  He only does work for ME.  LOL!!!
Most of the drawers have this decorative embellishment on the front but some of them are cracked, off-centered or have a portion of the resin-like swirl that surrounds the blue background, chipped.  This will obviously take a little creativity.  These drawers are big and deep and are going to hold a lot of my boxed items.  Oh, did I mention that they've been airing outside for the past 5 weeks caused they reeked of perfume and cigarettes?  Yes, BIG EWWW but this was such a great find I HAD to bring it home.  The smells are gone according to those who don't have the horrible sinus problems as I do. 
So what did I do instead of cleaning/organizing that room I call my art space?  I made ATCs of course!  These are the final four of the Twenty-Four ATC Summer Challenge between Joss and I.  One of the themes she chose for me  was Africa and it was my biggest challenge of the bunch.  Once I put my visions on paper, I was DONE!  On the way to London they go!
So what, I didn't get my art space cleaned and organized.  I had a Sunday slumber party instead.  And that was a lot more fun!  


Emmy said...

Sounds like you've been busy! The ATCs are amazing and the Big Guy was a wonderful find :) Good luck on your cleaning and organizing.

Bea said...

I think it's always more exciting to get something new to fix up and dream about how you are going to use it than to ORGANIZE anything. Great Atcs as always. :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Emmy, yes Big Guy was a steal! Thanks for the compliment on the ATCs.
Bea, I'll create in a minute any day. I'd rather die with paint on my fingers than a vacuum cleaner handle stuck to my hands. LOL!!! Glad you liked the ATCs!

BT said...

Oh super ATCs Linda. I bet you've had fun with them. I love that big chest of drawers and the pretty handles and surround. Thank heavens for your handyman! Who needs to clear up when you can have fun?