Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun-ky Friday

If the weeks continue to rapidly speed by, for sure it'll be summer once again!  Yay for speedy days!  But wait.  Do I really want the weeks to turn into summer so quickly?  It seems like only yesterday that a group of us girls were walking back to the school yard from Gym Class (that's what we called P.E. back then) and someone had her transistor radio planted to her ear but it was loud enough for us to hear The Supremes singing "The Happening."  Remember that one?  It's one of their hits that rarely, if at all, gets played on the radio.  Even the oldie stations ignore it.  Anyway, we were walking back to our class when the subject of make-up came up.  We were in the 6th or 7th grade and we weren't allowed to wear make-up cause of our strict Catholic school rules.  I thought of this moment as I was tugging at my eyes with my mouth sideways looking as if I'd, God forbid, had a stroke!  The conversation of how silly our mothers looked as they applied make-up hit me like a ton of bricks!  It seemed that we ALL had mothers who made faces as they applied make-up and we all giggled at how silly they looked.  Fast forward 40 something years and there I was yesterday morning making those same silly faces before heading off to work.  LOL!!!  So do I really want summer to arrive so quickly?
Fast forward a few more years and I'll have that same crooked eyeliner I used to snicker at whenever I'd visit certain family members.  LOL!  When that time comes, and please, it's gonna happen to all of us even if we swear that the contacts will save us from crooked eyeliner, I'll be au natural.  Yeah right.  I'll be that old lady with the heavy hand.  An old Cleopatra, if you will.  LOL!!!!  Scary.
Talking about scary, it's almost Halloween!  YAY!  My favorite of all holidays.  I joined this postcard swap and it's an open theme.  Gotta get working on those and I think I'm doing Halloween cause it's almost here and ooolala, I love it!
While sitting at my desk the other day I found my set of beautiful Frida coasters that my pal Jolene made a few years ago.  I had them sitting up on a shelf but they fell with the last earthquake and I haven't put them up since.  Aren't they purty?

I recently traded ATCs with my friend Joss.  We've decided that each summer we're going to challenge ourselves to a swap of 20+ cards!  Locas?  Well maybe  about ATCs but that's a good kind of loca position to be in.  Right?  We presented each other with six themes and we were to make four ATCs from each theme.  Here are just a few of those she made for me.  I love birds so naturally I challenged her to make me some birds.  Love them!
The sixties decade was pretty special to me and so I asked her to create some ATCs with that theme.  
Another theme I requested was journal ATCs.  This was her challenge but I think she did great!  I love her baby picture.

Women and texture are the last themes featured here.  I wish you could feel the roughness of these cards.  She used gel medium, acrylics and tissue to create some of the texture on the ATCs.
I hope you're all having a fun-ky Friday;  I am!  


~jolene said...

Mija! WOW! Good to know those tumbled marble Frida coasters have stood the test of time AND earthquakes!!!!

Lynn said...

Love seeing all the ATCs yours and Joss's too. Can't wait to see what you do for Halloween!

Stampmaiden said...

Jolene, those coasters are made to last. Not even an earthquake could make them crack! Lovely.
Lynn, I better start my Halloween postcards pronto. It's been such a beautiful weekend all I can do is wander in the yard and take in the sunshine. sigh.

marianne said...

Great swap! Good to see some of Joss work again.
And yours of course!