Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Emotional Crisis

TAKE NOTE, Life is full of crisis. I had a meltdown at work today while alone at work. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of a major project. Not to mention extra-curricular mish-mosh that occasionally comes my way. So today seemed like the perfect day to let it all out and it wasn't planned. I was sitting at my desk during my break time, all alone, and then it happened. The radio was on and a song from my childhood played. I haven't heard it in ages! My dad had the album and we used to hear it playing on the hi-fi quite regularly. My grandma had it and she played it on her hi-fi too! It's a Mexican ballad that was sung by Eydie Gorme but she wasn't singing it today. Believe it or not, it was being performed by Kenny G!!! LOL! My sister mentioned that she had heard this version a couple months back and it brought back all kinds of memories for her. Well, although it was Kenny G and not Eydie Gorme, I couldn't help myself. Right there and then as soon as he began to play "Sabor A Mi" I broke down and sobbed. I pictured myself at my grandma's house with cousins running around as this song played. I pictured myself kneeling in our living room cutting out paper dolls or playing with Colorforms while this song played in the background. Then it hit me that my grandma's gone and that my dad is struggling with physical and mental ailments. It was too much for me. The music was so beautiful and sad at the same time. I knew this would be my blog of the day and I had just the right journal page for this. My sad girl tag that I placed on my golden page. PERFECT and so fitting! BUT, I was not prepared for what I saw next. The words on her dress read, "Life is full of crisis." I have felt this for the past two weeks and then I read on and see the words "last two weeks!" It's as though this page was waiting to be "felt" and shared at just the right moment. And so it was.


Sherry Goodloe said...

You've probably heard (read) me say this before, but I am a FIRM believer in things happening for a reason! The song . . . the sad girl tag . . . the words on the dress. cyber hugs & kisses to you

gayle said...

life has a way of catching you at the oddest times. So it seems odd to our minds. life lives. hang in there sister.

Stampmaiden said...

Sherry, Gayle and others who have been e-mailing me privately, you're words of support mean so much to me. Thank you so much for being here for me. I'm feeling the love and I'm feeling better!