Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visual Artventures

It seems that I've become addicted to color and images from magazines that pop out at me - words in particular, and I find that I can't journal without them. Is it because I'm trying to separate the "Diary Girl" from the "Journal Woman?" The Diary Girl wrote in a purchased little book with a lock and lots and lots of lines. Journal Woman uses lots of color and creates her own lines. She doesn't use a lock either cause she doesn't care who peeks in it. Truth be told, blame it on Kelly Kilmer. She started it. All I did was sign up for a journaling class several years ago. I thought we were just going to put a book together. Then out came a huge duffel bag and in it were tubes and bottles of acrylic paints! And in colors I never thought I'd play with. But it wasn't over although I would have been happy with that. It was like pulling a rabbit out of hat when she brought out these huge plastic zip lock type bags filled with oodles and I mean FILLED WITH OODLES of images. Words. Faces. Hands. Phrases. I won't even start with the rubber stamps. I'm trying to keep this blog short and sweet. LOL! Anyway, I was hooked. And I've never looked back. And I signed up for more journaling classes with Kelly because each one was new and even more colorful than the last and I was developing natural highs from the now "other bag" she was bringing to classes. It was overflowing with the most decorative paper I've ever seen!!!! I'm beginning to hyperventilate just thinking about it. Seriously. Deep breath......OK. Which brings me to the type of journaler (is that a word?) I've become. One with colorful paints, rubber stamps, cut-up words from magazines, images and whatever else catches my eyeballs. Yeah, I've never looked at paint, magazines or scraps the same way ever. Thanks, Kelly ;)


Kelly Kilmer said...

lol i take no responsibility.
*laughs maniacally and runs off to her art area*

Bea said...

OOOOoooooooh art journals or LIFE JOURNALS are sooooooooo much fun!! It's like being a little kid again and doing what you really always wanted to do in your diary, COLOR!
I made my mother happy by recording the date, time, weather conditions and what birds I might have seen in my REQUIRED SUMMER DIARY. sigh She was so proud of me. lolololsnort :)Bea

aimee said...

love that last page!!

Stampmaiden said...

Yeah right, Kelly. LOL!
Thanks for visiting Bea and what a cool experience that must have been for you and your mom.
Aimee, the cut-up words for that last page were just waiting to be used for the right moment. How about that?!