Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tag Art Ideas

I've taught several tag making workshops using huge 4 x 8 tags for a little over a year now. The same people usually take my classes which means there must be an accumulation of tags out there throughout Los Angeles! With the holidays fast approaching here are some ideas for instant gifts that don't cost a lot of $.....

1. If you gather several tags and place some plain ones in between, you can create a tag journal. Just bind all your tags by holding them together with one of those rings that come in various sizes. You can add various fibers on the ring to jazz it up. You could also vary the size of blank tags in between the decorative ones. If you don't want to include blank tags you could add some paint or ink around the edges to make them colorful.

2. You could give your artsy friends an arted up tag by wrapping it in tulle with a tied ribbon or fiber. Add a tiny easel and you've given them some cool and original art to display.

3. If you can't stand to part with your tags, do what one of my friends has done with hers. Create a banner of them and string them in your art space. Be careful of natural light cause it may fade them if it gets too sunny in your room.

4. You could create an accordion display to showcase your tags. Use a tall enough sheet of heavy cardstock with as many folds as you wish. Remember, these tags are tall so you'll need tall enough paper and you may need to attach two sheets to create more folds. Use a complimentary solid color so your tags won't get washed out. Use dimensional glue dots to make your tags stand out on each fold.

5. These tags also make beautiful cards, if you can part with them! You can use a clear envelope to place your tag/card in, slide a piece of paper in your envie to shield the message you write. Address it and it's on it's way to make someone happy!

If you have any ideas on what else to do with these tags, please share! Now go make some tag art!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Linda, Those are GORGEOUS!!!

I love "your" library too ;)

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks, Kelly! I may have to follow my advice because I have accumulated a bit myself. LOL! I love my library too! It's so colorful with all those books!