Saturday, February 22, 2014

Altars, Frida and ATCs

A portable Mary Altar brings me hope.

A Frida themed ATC brings me a smile.

Vibrant colors bring me happiness.

ATC swaps keep me going!

Life has been busier than usual lately.  I joined an ATC swap, work is in full swing with loads of art projects and library books galore circulating, and my personal life has taken a change.  But I'm adjusting and surviving and that's good.

I received a portable Mary altar in the mail today from the artist of the Frida themed ATC featuring her pet monkey.  If you look closely at the edges of that particular ATC, you'll notice that it's framed with thorns inspired by Frida's self-portrait "Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird."  The card also features some characters she (Frida) painted.  My altar could not have come at a better time as my life is in somewhat of a transitional period.  A strong bout of asthma sent me to the hospital right before Christmas and the following week I brought my father home with me. Can't go into details about that now but prayers are what have helped me along this new journey.

I find this ATC trade very therapeutic and the cards I've received  range from faces of Frida to "things" related to Frida.  I'll have to show you my Thumbprint Frida in another post along with other ATCs I've received. 

Art and prayers.  For me they go hand in hand and have kept me from falling apart.  And chocolate helps too.  Lots of it.  LOL!  What helps you from falling apart?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Art, prayer and chocolate about says it all. Ha... Of course I would have a drink to take the edge off first. ;)

This atc group is lots of fun. I haven't done anything like this in some time. PEACE...

Jolene said...

Art. For sure. It's how I've survived these past 14 months of unemployment. Keeps me from totally losing it.

Stay strong, Mija - love you!