Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Oh no, I need a new calendar!

Realizing that I needed a new calendar because the month January was quickly approaching and I knew there was no way I was about to head out into the public to buy one, I decided that recycling my 2013 calendar was the way to go.  I found a free calendar template and looked around for arty scraps that have been hanging around my desk waiting to be used for that "one day" project.  

I also decided to make my collection of tag girls the main feature of my "new" calendar.  Because my tags usually have a busy painted and distressed background, I knew that I'd have to place them against a calm piece of patterned paper so it wouldn't get lost.  After a few adjustments and additions of more found scraps, I was done.  
The tag girl featured for the month of January is Urban Chic.  She was one one of my last creations from a workshop I held at Stampin' From the Heart.  

If you're someone who's taken my classes and have a collection of tag girls, why not turn them into something functional for the time being.  My plan is to feature a new tag each month.  I just stuck a piece of double stick tape behind the tag onto the patterned paper for easy removal and glued the calendar grid onto the previous page. The hardest part is deciding which tag to feature.  Good thing I have more than 12! 


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful tag girl. A great use for them.

Stampmaiden said...

Yes, Lisa. I'm glad I've found a new way to use them and just on time!

Jolene said...

Upcycle girl, living in a downtown world. :)