Saturday, July 28, 2012

ATC Time

I spent the day at a friends home gawking at her art supplies.  It feels good to know I really don't have that much "stuff."  LOL!  

After a lunch of Chinese and Southwest salads it was time to get down to business.  I decided to work on a small scale.  I used a stamp image from the Invoke rubber stamp line.  The red and blue rhinestones encircling the head remind me of the votive candles that my mother and I would light in church after dropping a dime into the metal box that sat near the candle stand.  After lighting our candles we'd kneel and pray for the person we lit the candle for.  Last time I was in church I noticed the small red and blue glass votive candles have been replaced by tall glass candle holders and the metal box is no longer there.  You have to go to the rectory to pay for the candle you want to light.  Sign of the times.       
It was getting late so I had to pack my ATC and be on my way but not before visiting  Karen's garden.  I left with a beautiful cut from her Butterfly Bush and an old fashion scented yellow rose.  As soon as I walk into the kitchen I'm hit with the scent from both flowers and a reminder that I really need to take more time to stop and smell the roses.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and take time to enjoy the natural wonders that surround your world.  

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soulbrush said...

Terrific piece of work. So lucky to have arty friends around you. Hugs from across the pond in 'Olympics mad' London.