Saturday, May 26, 2012


Several decades ago when my sister and I were thought to be asleep, we were actually wide awake gossiping.  

If you grew up with sisters and you were close, then you know what I'm talking about.  Those late night talks would give us away when they'd turn into out-of-control laughter.  Our bedroom was right off the kitchen and our father who would be in the kitchen trying to enjoy a late night snack would inevitably hear us then shout out "go to sleep I say!"  and we'd laugh even harder!  Hearing him say it that way made him sound like an English fellow rather than the Mexican-American he was.  LOL!
There was a brother too but he wasn't interested in what we had to say unless it was "let's play dodge ball, go to the park, ride our bikes...." you know, sentences with lots of verbs and interesting nouns.  
A baby sister came later but it was hard to share stuff with her cause she'd either repeat it and someone would end up getting in trouble.  Me, usually.
Thinking about my siblings always stirs up summer memories.  Like the temporary pool that would take longer to set up than it would for us to enjoy it.  Sooner or later that sick mosquito larvae would appear.  We thought they were tadpoles.  LOL!  Then no one wanted to get into the pool so we'd run through the sprinkler instead.  We'd pretend there was a Slip n' Slide and our bottoms would get pretty messed up.  Imagination.  It got us through a lot of boring days that turned out not to be so boring after all.  
Have a wonderful day and if things seem dull, run through a sprinkler and use your imagination!

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