Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Stepping In

Stepping in to say Hola and  happy Cinco de Mayo!

There was a headline in today's news that Cinco de Mayo should be referred to as Drinko de Mayo.  Yeah, whatever.  Don't drink and drive, people!  
Happy birthday to Jolene who grew up in a Mexican neighborhood and always thought they were celebrating her birthday until she got older and knew better.  LOL!  Happy birthday also goes out to Anthony who is son of shop keeper extraordinaire, Nina.  I remember him when he was a little boy hanging around the rubber stamp store arranging rubber stamps.  Now he's burning rubber.  Well, I hope not but it seemed like a good thing to write!    
Whatever you do today remember to put your best foot forward.  Like me.  Today before I sit down to eat chips and guacamole, I'm gonna skip to the fridge and cross my feet outwards as I sit in front of the TV!
Enjoy your day!


Jolene said...

Mija...are you sure they aren't all celebrating MY birthday!! Ayyyyy...all these years (62 of them) believing!!!

Thank you know I love you!


Lynn said...

I did eat chips and guacamole on Cinco De Mayo! But I don't think I realized it was even though I was in a Mexican Restaurant.