Saturday, June 25, 2011

Visual Artventures

As I walked through my daughter's former bedroom this image from the window caught my attention and then I grabbed my camera.

Taking pictures from a window with security bars is quite a challenge for me.  I had to meander the camera and in that process I could not get the whole picture.  Either the white roses got left out or as this photo shows, the deep pink geraniums disappeared.  Sigh.

So on went the sandals cause there was something in the corner that was calling my name and I just couldn't "reach" it from the bedroom window.  "I'm on my way!"  I shouted to the corner in the back yard.  Do you think I'm strange?  Don't answer that!!

Before venturing out into the yard for my visual experience, I had to put my super-hero shades on!  What do you think?  My pupils are almost back to normal.  They've been dilated for the past two days and hopefully I can dump the mysterious woman look soon.  LOL!   

I finally got out to the corner and I was so excited to see that my deep purple iris' and blue Lily of the Niles were happily blooming side by side!  

My yellow rose is still giving me blossoms.  Each year I think it's on its last year and that I'll be digging it out due to it's scraggly stems and poor looking leaves, but it manages to squeeze out just enough roses to hold on for another year!

I can't remember the name of this lily but I was drawn to it by it's variegated leaves.  There are several of these lilies sprinkled throughout the city but they all have dark green spiky leaves.  I surprised these lilies as they were just about to unfurl.

Hope you have a weekend full of visual delights that include lots of color and much happiness.

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