Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tag Girls MITI Details

Tag Girl MITI this Friday at Stampin' From the Heart in Los Angeles!  These Tag Girls are not named for the fact that they're mounted on 4 x 8 tags, but because they're actually donning tags themselves!
The Tag Girls are full of little details that make a big difference.  I can't seem to let something just be.  I always gotta be adding a little of this or that.  Some might say  I'm a bit obsessed with extra touches.  Yeah, they're right.  

Did I mention that we'll be spending time painting distressed backgrounds with acrylic paints?  Each time I sit down to create a painted background, I'm very careful NOT to repeat colors.  Handouts are passed out at all my MITIs so that you can re-create these painted backgrounds not just on tags, but on journal pages or small panels that you can mount onto handmade cards.

There will be a healthy dose of fiber too!  Fiber does the body good you know.  LOL!  I couldn't resist.  I know, I know.....

This is what the Tag Girls will look like once they're all put together.  You can make one, two or all three.  Can you tell I'm in the 4th of July spirit?  

Injecting fun in an evening of art making is my number one goal and I hope you'll join me this Friday, July 1st.  Check out my sidebar where you can get more info at Stampin' From the Heart's blog.
I'll have extra kits from my last MITI available for you to paint in addition to the Tag Girls.  Hope to see you!


soulbrush said...

Oh wowsers every time I visit here there is something new and arty. Love these too.

Roxy said...

these are great Linda! Can't wait to see you Friday, my friend Suzi is gonna try to come too!!

Lynn said...

Such fun you have and OF COURSE one needs lots of fiber I meant fabric in one's life. LOL

Stampmaiden said...

Yes Joss, I need to keep still but I can't! Thanks for stopping by!
Roxy, I can't wait to see you and hopefully meet Suzi! Can you believe July will be here SOON!!!
Good one, Lynn!!! LOL!!!