Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Artventures

I'm feeling it. Yes! Spring has finally sprung!

The sunshine yelled at me to come outside and take note of some outdoor art. This is the first piece of art I noticed. Funny, as many times as I've hung keys in this door I've never paid attention to the funky artistic character it has.

I turned to my left and realized I wasn't alone.

My stoned angel was looking good as ever. The sun beats on her year after year and she still manages to maintain a youthful appearance. No wrinkles. Not fair!

There was a time when I could rattle off the name of all the roses in my garden. Wha happan? This rose is now known as my "Pink with a hint of yellow rose." HA! Sounds good to me.

I love this geranium who is known as Mexicana. I love the bright magenta color.

Intrigue Rose. Love it. They say if you want really big blooms, you should pinch off the little side buds cause they rob energy from the main rose. I can't do this. I love buds just as much as I love large roses. The smell of these roses is incredible. Old fashion scent with a hint of lemon. So good.

My Iceberg Roses never fail to bloom a riot of white among deep green leaves. They're so showy and resist disease.

Each year mid summer I tell myself I'm gonna pull this rose out of the ground cause it gives me so much grief. The blooms are huge and beautiful at the beginning of spring. Then the leaves get rust. You gardeners know what I'm talking about. By the end of summer it looks dead cause it doesn't bloom anymore which is fine with me. I just prune the thing down to get rid of the rusty leaves. Then spring comes around again and once more I'm rewarded with beautiful fat yellow roses.

Day two of my Easter vacation has me feeling the spring bug. I took a walk outside to experience nature's art. Speaking of nature's art, do wrinkles count? Are they like natural zentangles? Ooo, imagine?! Too much fun in the sun! Hope you're enjoying nature's art wherever you are.


Bea said...

OMG you have full summer there, forget spring. THOSE ROSES, oooooooooooh I could almost smell them. HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE. Don't you dare pull out that gorgeous yellow rose. Bad, rose keeper, bad, bad, bad lololol :)Bea

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You can bet on it that I am enjoying natures art. It appears that you are too. Your roses are gorgeous. Happy Spring.

La Poeta said...

Ah, your garden. Un jardin muy bonito, comadre.

~jolene said...

During my work day I run over here to Artventure land and I always leave happier!!!!
Love you - Love your blog!

Happy Springtime Mija!

pollicino said...

Your blog is PRECIOUS.

Balanced Fitness Man said...

truly great flowers, nice job on the photography too.

Anonymous said...

You have a keen set of eyes, the keys in the door is so simple but yet eye catching art on photo.

BT said...

How are you lovely Linda? I've been away far too long. I just love this post, especially the roses and the door keys. You can always spray for black spot and rust. It will save all that heartache!

Love and Hugs to you.