Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth to Linda

OOOO. Was Earth Day yesterday? I have a good reason for letting it slip by me. You see, I celebrate Earth Day quite regularly. Almost every day as a matter of fact.

Just today I brought home these cuttings from the overgrown geranium bush in the school garden. I consider it pruning and pruning promotes healthy growth. Plus, it'll make a great addition to my garden!

Wow, look at how pretty the cuttings look all ready! Don't they have an Asian flair about them? They remind me of cherry blossoms.

To prove I celebrate Earth Day on a regular basis, this journal page from Monday has a saved hand that I've been holding onto for a couple months. I knew I'd need it one day. My habit of saving really pays off in a pinch. You can click on the picture to read my entry. This journal page is for the round robin I'm in.

I decided to show a little "Earth Day Spirit" on this page by using scraps of saved paper and featuring inchies made from recycled items. Yes I'm still making inchies!

Today I found myself taking cuttings from the school garden. The pale pink geraniums yelled at me from the library window to come out and help myself. So I did. I noticed a few plumerias in need of water so I'll have to tend to them and get them in shape cause I'll probably be taking a cutting or two from them next.

Earth Day is a year-round celebration with me. Not only do I take cuttings and happily add them to my garden but I find myself searching through bags of paper scraps for art projects and I enjoy flipping through pages of saved magazines for the perfect phrase or words to use in my journal.

The next time you find yourself reaching for a scrap of paper from a former project or catch yourself taking cuttings for your garden, take that as a reminder that you also celebrate Earth Day on a regular basis.


Lynn said...

Love seeing your lovely self!
I just watered two geranium plants in my yards today. One brand new and one very old and thriving!
Love them. HED.

Stampmaiden said...

Lynn, I just began planting geraniums into the soil last year. For years I kept them in pots but they were slow to grow. I love how they thrive in the ground. They're such show-offs! LOL!

Emmy said...

Your journal page is a wonderful tribute to your father; he sounds like a great man and father :)

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks, Emmy. His presence made an impact on all our lives. No matter that he was (still is) a quiet man. His actions spoke volumes.

~jolene said...

You seem to 'mother' everything and everyone...not surprising you celebrate Earth Day every day!

Love your journal pages and all the photos that you share Mija!

As always your words & art inspire!

Bea said...

LOL the heading and picture made me giggle. What beautiful cuttings and of course you should have potted them up. They are gorgeous. :)Bea

soulbrush said...

you are looking so well friend. and lovely seeing your art too. soon it will be time for our little project too. hugs to you for a happy term (can you believe it? it was september just the other day!)

Stampmaiden said...

Jolene, are you saying I'm Mutha Earth? LOL! Sometimes it feels like that! Thanks for stopping by.
Bea, I kinda like the silliness of the pic and words too! Glad it made you smile!
Soul, I'm getting my paper ready! Looking forward to summer! YAY, I'm right there with ya!

KittyChan said...

Awwww those flowers are soooo Lovely!

Assja said...

I just stumbled across your blog. It's really inspirational. I've just started journaling and am still feeling my way through the pages. You are very special.

BT said...

Oooh, a lovely photo of you Linda. I too celebrate Earth Day almost every day in the garden. Wow to your geranium cuttings. Fantastic, and the original plants will be twice as strong now. That's my theory.... ~hugs~