Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spectacular Saturday!

This is a glimpse of what Ellie and I co-taught at our local stamp store's Extravaganza event. Each participant left with 4 projects which they completed at 4 separate tables. We called our project an Art Folio. Each student transformed a plain file folder using paint, stamps and ink.

I managed to get lots of pics of Ellie in action but it was impossible for me to get shots of myself. Here our students are applying clear embossing powder to an image that was stamped using acrylic paint! No time to wait with this due to the quick drying time of paint on paper.

Although each person used the same ink colors and technique, each folio had it's own personality. Some folios had a heavier application of color while others were lighter. Both styles looked great!

Smiles like Marjorie's are what you hope for at the end of the day. I love the touches of blue she dabbed in between her images. They became little islands. Click on the image to enlarge and see what I mean.

This was our first team of players. We had a total of 4 groups. Whew!

Look at Karen stamp away!

I like how Ellie is trying to make a point at the head of the table. And look at Gail apply ink onto her plain tag. The tags took on an ethereal appearance with the technique Ellie taught.

Here we are close to the end of the day. It was great team-teaching with Ellie. We'll be going another round in April '10! I can't even believe we're entering double digits! 2010?!

The above photos show a Spectacular Saturday from 2 weekends ago called "Extravaganza." It's held twice a year at Stampin' From the Heart in Los Angeles. Due to family illnesses and work overload I've been unable to keep up with my blogging. I refuse to shut down my little speck of the corner though and will post as often as I can.
Many thanks to those who left comments on my past two posts regarding my one year blog anniversary. Guess what? Each one of you who posted back then are winners in my giveaway!!! So BT, Bea, Jolene, Soul, Lisa, Marianne and Sherry will all be receiving a little piece of art and other little goodies. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


La Poeta said...

I am happy you posted.
Glad you had lots of wimmin at the workshop.

Sherry Goodloe said...

I feel like I've been away forEVER! I'm really back now, but my mind still thinks I'm on that cruise *hee hee*.

Looking forward to seeing you next month at Carson on the 14th.

You and your friend Ellie look so cute at the end of a very busy but fun day of teaching *smiles*

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This looks like too much fun. Love the colors and techniques.

Lynn said...

What a fun class. Wish I could have come to play. congrats on your first year anniversary.

marianne said...

Wow this looks like a fun event!
If I'd live close to you I would certainly attend your workshop!
Amazing what you can do with stamps.
The results look so lovely.
Linda you just take your time sometimes there are more important things to do than blogging.
Sweet of you though that you try to post a little
We all will have patience.

Take care!!!!!!
have a nice weekend

soulbrush said...

what a lotta work, but what sheer joy and fun was had by all, including you two gals, and what a nice photo of the two of you too. i do so WISH i could've been there, what lucky ladies they were indeed. oooooooh i am a winner, anmd i do so LOVE your parcels, can use them all so well. thanks and hope dad is managing to keep on his feet and mum is trying to keep off hers for a while. hugs to you dear heart.

Bea said...

HEY, girlfriend, you do what you have to with your full plate but you keep the light on. We'll pop in and out to make sure you are still here and when you post we will soak it up, LIKE THIS ONE.
WHAT FUN!!!!!! I love to see those people all creating their own style with the instructions. That's what's so amazing about art. And, aren't you just beaming there in your photo. BEAUTIFUL SMILE.
Remember we love you and we'll be here, playing with your stamps until you come back. :)Bea

BT said...

Oh I've been away too long Linda. What a lovely photo of you and your friend and what a great workshop, I so wished I lived near you!

marianne said...

Thanks for the wonderful package I received from you!! I love the content!!!
Will mail you soon! (will be away for 2 days)

hugs M

soulbrush said...

another are so enterprising. looks wonderful. have missed you so much.