Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wishing for more leisurely weeks of summer vacation.

Less than 2 weeks of summer vacation left.  YIKES!

This summer was full of emotions ranging from happy to very sad.
Loosing a friend is never easy.  This summer I lost two.  Feelings of sadness creep in each day so I try to stay active.  But when it gets quiet, usually at night, I find myself grieving.  alone.  And it's hard.  I have tokens, little treasures and memories that I can cling to.  But I'd rather have them here.  In person.
Don't take anyone or anything for granted.  It's easy to get comfortable and then boom!  Your whole world changes.
The above journal page was created with scraps of paper I had sitting on my desk.  How appropriate that they were just the right pieces for me to use as I was thinking of two people who are going through some major adjustments.  The words next to the flower eyeball (yes, I was feeling very creative last night!) reads "Some times you have to go away to see where you have been."  
Hope you enjoy the final days of summer and that they're happy and full of appreciation for what you have. 


Jolene said...

Mija, the process of grief is different for all of us. I am glad you are allowing yourself to grieve. And I am glad you are blogging and MAKING ART again -- as that over-used saying heals....but it truly does.

Summer breaks never feel as carefree and long as they did when we were kids. It seems the older we get the faster time least for me...since I am waaaay older than you...LOL!

Peace & Love,

Stampmaiden said...

Jolene, you're right about the healing of art. When I'm sitting down painting, cutting, etc., my mind is busy and I forget about my recent losses.
And you're right-on about how summers went on forever when we were kids. Those back-to-school paper ads (I don't remember commercials)made my stomach churn.

soulbrush said...

OMG that is just awful my pal. Grieving takes time and I think art is a wonderful healer. Sending you lots of warm wishes and love and thinking we should've done our Summer swap this year- is it too late? email me if you want to- we can swap a pice of art or something small ya. xxx