Monday, November 29, 2010

Fleeting Weekend Artventures

Can shopping be an artistic adventure?  I think so.  I mean, look at all the colors and textures that surround you as you shop.  While at the supermarket you'll see smooth greens and shiny reds butted up against fuzzy browns and at the department store you'll experience an array of colors and textures happily clashing!  Yes, it can be an artventure.  Still for me, the best place to experience an artventure is at a stamp store.  Sigh.  Being surrounded by walls of art stamps, ink, paper, tons of magazines and ephemera galore make my heart smile.

I dropped in at Stampin' From the Heart in Los Angeles this past Saturday as part of my "Small Business Saturday" plan.  I never made it to the other businesses I had on my agenda.  Not that it took me hours to find what I wanted, that parts easy - EVERYTHING!  I kept bumping into friends I haven't seen in months and you know how it is when it's "catch-up" time!  So the majority of my time was spent talking, laughing, smiling, listening, getting teary-eyed and of course, shopping.  LOL!! 
By the time I decided what to buy, and it wasn't much but it felt good and right to buy them, it was getting dark and I knew I would never make it to the other stores.  I had parental priorities to tend to and I had no regrets.  Everything I could want from a small business met my needs.  Good friends, great stamps and lots and lots of color!
After getting home,  I cleared off my desk and began to draw then color an image that will be part of my Christmas cards that go out soon.  I'm beginning to feel a little more comfortable playing with new techniques and there's still a lot more I need to perfect.  If you look at the image to the left, it appears as if Frida's baby is missing a body.  After enlarging the original and adding a little more details, that baby now has one.  LOL!!!  Well, he at least has a swathed body.    

Depending on how my week goes, I should have more copies and the card making experience will begin.  Hee-hee, I was telling a friend at the stamp store that I had all the components for my Thanksgiving cards sitting on my table.  She knowingly nodded and smiling she added that at least I'll be ready next Thanksgiving.  LOL!!!!  Now those are the words of a true friend.  Thanks Geri. ;) 


Bea said...

I love it when I go somewhere and meet up with folks I haven't seen in a while. I love your cards and I'm glad to see baby Jesus with a body. lolol :)Bea

Lynn said...

Sounds like a fun shopping day with great successes! Have fun creating!