Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Late Night Artventures

The other night I was addressing a couple envelopes.  A birthday tag was inside one and bits of ephemera from my last workshop where nestled in the other.  My original intent was to address those suckers and get them to the post office pronto.  But you know how it is when the crafty gene nags at you.  Out came the ink pads, rubber stamps, paper scrap stash.  Oh, and I found a baggie full of inchies that I made a couple years ago!  It's amazing what you'll find when you're not really looking for it.  LOL!! 

Early evening turned into early morning.  Why can't I just leave good enough alone?  There's always something more to add.  With me anyway.  To me the word  "Simplicity" is the name of a pattern company.  LOL!
I have a confession to make.  I have NOT journaled all summer until yesterday!  I found my summer journal from LAST year.  YIKES!  I honestly don't think it was supposed to be a "seasonal" journal but as MY life would have it, that's exactly what it's turned into.  And I kinda like the concept of having a summer journal.  So here I am one year later making 2010 entries.  Will this become a tradition?  It feels pressure-free to imagine having a "summer" journal.  Come September and away it will go. Back to it's little corner where it will silently sit and wait until the summer of 2011 comes along.
My youngest sister lives in a small city (approximately 40,000) where the average person makes 30K per year, if you're lucky.  Her city's situation is what stimulated me to get working in my journal.  The residents of her city have taken to the streets and their small city hall protesting the ridiculous salaries that the city manager and others have given themselves in this not-so-well-to-do area.  The City Manager makes close to 800K which is about 400K more than the President.  He has since resigned along with three other crooks but if you ask me they should have been handcuffed and fired and that's just what my little sister shouted to them the other night as I watched her on the late news channel!  Can you image the pride that set within my heart as I watched her stand there shaking her fist in the air telling it like it is?  Yes, this was a big sister's moment.  And I was inspired to write about it.  Good job, Rachel! 


Bea said...

Such a shame so many TOP people of companies felt entitled to gouge their business, their boards, the people, etc. I don't want them jailed. I want them to fork up the money they have hidden away in safe accounts and use it for good.
Building homesless shelters, boys and girls clubs in neighborhoods that really need it. Soup kitchens, job retraining, abuse centers...........oh have I got a list and while they are at it they can donate THEIR TIME working in one of those places. :)Bea

Emmy said...

Beautiful envelopes! Nothing wrong with getting a little CREATIVLY carried away! I admire your talents ;)

(And decorated envelopes are much more fun to get in the mail than plain ones!)

Stampmaiden said...

Those are great ideas, Bea. I'll add them to my to-do list after they get out of jail. LOL!!! The taxes in the town they've been robbing from are incredible.
Thanks, Emmy! I agree about receiving art in the mail!

gayle said...

I saw all the reports on the news about those city officials, oh I mean crooks. It's unbelievable.

Love your envies!!!

Stampmaiden said...

Yeah Gayle, these reports have been the highlight of the evening news (morning too). You should of heard us yelling this morning when we saw a repeat of my sister in action! LOL!