Sunday, December 13, 2009

Artventurous Spirito

This very cool art box belongs to Artventurous Spirito, Roxy. She found this treasure in an alley! Isn't that where most treasures are found? She added the collaged images and dangling bottle - my favorite element of all!

Oh wow! Would you look at the fantastic backgrounds created on these tags by Artventurous Spirito, Roxanne! She's Roxy's niece, you know, the alley treasure hunter. LOL! She plans of assembling her sassy chicas later. Can you see them in little bags next to their tags? Click on the pictures to take in the cool details and wonderful colors.

Artventurous Spiritos making art.

My completed workshop sample board made it to the store on time. Coming up with background colors is not as difficult as designing outfits. It sometimes takes up to 3 trial runs before it finally feels right. I was very happy and relieved with the results.

In between work overload, aging parents, holiday parties and hectic schedules, I was caught making art! Don't ask me how it happened; let's just say it was out of necessity. Samples were needed in the shop and there I was running late as usual and pulling all nighters. How many times have I told myself to stay ahead of the game when it comes to my workshop samples? Too many. I just don't listen to myself - shame on me. After the first sample, I got caught up in this crazy mood which I'm calling Artventurous Spirito. There was no stopping me and I was lost in the world of colorful backgrounds splashed with stamped images and sassy looking chics.

Today I led a workshop at Stampin' From the Heart in Los Angeles where a few more souls caught the Artventurous Spirito bug. It was great to be surrounded by a group of like-minded women. All went well and they left with a new stash of tags to keep or give away and, most importantly, a happy heart. Not much more a workshop leader could ask for.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great find in the alley. Spirito Roxy is marvelous. That Spirit has been here too.

soulbrush said...

every time i see one of your workshops, i just droooool, i want to be there to feel the magic, to get the inspiration and to watch you work. wow, great art here. jealous i am! thanx again for big box, and all in it, will enjoy using this holiday. xxxx

Bea said...

I love the samples. LOL You made me laugh when you talk about waiting until the last minute and then getting into the GROOVE. Thank you for taking time to post and let us know what you are up to. Miss you.

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks for visiting, Lisa. Yes, Spirito Roxy rocks! She ALTERS the art dolls we make in class by doing away with their heads and placing photos of herself or family members.

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, one of these you're gonna have to hop on a plane and get off in Los Angeles, ok? LOL! Glad you enjoyed pouring over the contents in the box! Happy Holiday!

Stampmaiden said...

Hi Bea, thanks for visiting! The workshop was great and now that it's over I feel like I need to fill a void with doing something. Do you think something's wrong with me? LOL!

Lynn said...

oh so cool oh so wish I lived closer oh so cool you rock your art rocks do blog more and more don't go away again for long periods. you are inspiration and owe it to your followers to appear regularly. I do hope your life permits this in the new year!

BT said...

We all want to come to your workshops Linda!! I sooo wish I could. I love that box too, with the dangly bottle. How clever.

Your ladies' costumes are fabulous. I have rediscovered tons of material here, so maybe I'll have a go....