Saturday, November 21, 2009

TGIF! Sort of.

Lately I've been a fan of smokey blue tones. While at the rubber stamp convention last weekend I spotted a Tim Holtz tag with blue background tones. I know for a fact that he uses ink to create his backgrounds. I tried it but quickly found out what I already knew. Acrylic paint is my favorite medium. I love it's fluid flow and the way I can mix colors to get just the right shade. And if I mess up, I can add more paint over it until it comes together.

If you've taken my classes in the past, I encourage you to use some or all of those color schemes to create new tags, cards, etc. Add new images to give it a fresh look. For the Frida tag I chose a light blue shade of paint to which I added bits of yellow. I darkened it up by rubbing black ink along the edges and over parts of the tag. I then tapped on bits of ivory paint to bring about the misty look I was after. Leftover scraps and a Frida image from previous projects finished the look. I liked it so much I'm thinking of making a few Christmas cards in this color scheme. And to think I created this similar painted background for a Halloween tag a few years ago!


Bea said...

Pretty, pretty! :)Bea

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are marvelous colors. The blue suits Frida.

marianne said...

Hi Dear!
Stunning hanger (as always)
Mine is is my hall.
I put a picture on my blog but it didn't do it any justice.
I will work on Suki's book today and I will try to use some of your things there. Let's see is I can create something wonderful.......
Glad to see you creating again!
Hope things have settled down with you there.
Take care L!


~jolene said...

If I could enlarge this to poster size I would hang it in my living room! With your permission of course sis! :)

Love the colors and the layers!

B E A U T I F U L !

soulbrush said...

whew i love this too. you know i am a frida fan. my bro has been here for 12 days so very busy, will get back to you for a chat later. huggles.

Stampmaiden said...

Aw, thanks Bea. How can Frida NOT look good, huh? She had such stunning features.
Lisa, I love the colors too. And you're right, the blue is very fitting for Frida.
Marianne, I saw the pic on your blog! Thanks. It's true that everything (even a gum wrapper!) definitely looks much better in person. LOL!!!
Jolene, thanks for the compliment! It's always good to see you!
Joss, did your brother bring his family along? Wow, 12 days! But I see you don't let that stop you from blogging! How do you do it?!

BT said...

Beautiful misty colours. I do hope you are ok. xx

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks BT, I love the misty look the colors give off too. I'm OK, just busy doing daily check-ins with my parents after work. It leaves me pretty tired with no energy by the time I settle down at home but I'm working on getting my mojo together! LOL!
Thanks for visiting!